You built your business from scratch. You sacrificed, made mistakes, learned from them and have gone on to make your business successful; a legacy that will continue to grow. When it comes to your industry you know it inside and out. Problems or challenges? Well you’ve “been there, done that”.  But now it is time for you to retire, allow somebody else to lead the ship, and yet there is no way to impart a lifetime of knowledge. It is even harder when the next generation wants to adapt processes or has ideas about how to evolve the business. Afterall, you’ve been doing things your way for decades and it has been successful, why fix what ain’t broke. 

And yet, could it be better? Could you increase sales? Could you find new customers? Could you expand your market? Could you make your business more efficient? Could you possibly grow your business in a way you have never before considered?

Is it possible? 

It can be difficult to be open-minded to the idea that things could be better, that there is room for improvement. The question itself implies that the way you have done things is wrong or less than. But what is actually at stake? Sometimes our opinions can become masters of our self-perception. Somehow by admitting that something could be improved we are also admitting that we are wrong and that who we are is wrong. Instead of viewing this as an either/or situation – I am right and they are wrong – view this as an opportunity to seek truth. Embrace a willingness to listen and to seek a better way. Opening yourself up to new opinions is not a sign of weakness or an admission of failure.  

What is the harm in asking “Can we be better?”

You may have experience, but that doesn’t mean you have all the answers. You may have built success, but that doesn’t mean more success isn’t possible. You may have tried and true processes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY way or even the best way. Changing your mind can be powerful. 

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