Management and Leadership
February 4, 1996

Seeds of Change – W. Atlee Burpee

From the time he was 14 years old W. Atlee Burpee knew what he wanted to do. And what he wanted to do was raise, breed, and sell poultry. At age 17, he had launched…
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Conflict Management
February 1, 1996

Conflict Anyone?

During a family business board meeting one family member stands up and shouts, "You have pushed us around long enough. I'm tired of you trying to control everything. I'm sick of you always being in…
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Management and Leadership
November 4, 1995

A New Look At Life (Life Savers)

Edward John Noble, a young, ambitious advertising salesman, turned marketing disaster into a quarter of a million dollar marketing success in just two years by capitalizing on an underutilized marketing niche. In 1913, Noble purchased…
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Succession Planning
November 2, 1995

Necessary Transitions

Working in a family business, whether you are 18 or 80, presents many unique challenges that often signal a transition. Typically, we tend to think only of the most major transitions in our life -…
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