Our Mission:

To increase shareholder value and improve communication in family businesses.

Family businesses face unique challenges: conflict, governance, addiction, communication, estate and succession planning, and these things can affect the bottom-line and long term success of a company. Only 33% of family businesses will survive into the second generation. That’s why over 250 businesses have turned to REGENERATION to strengthen their families and improve their business.

Unlike traditional business consultants each member of the REGENERATION team has extensive hands-on experience in management and training in family dynamics. We are passionate about family business and understand the unique challenges that arise when work relationships intersect with family relationships. Through this rare combination of academic training, senior-level family business management and leadership experience, the professionals at REGENERATION help clients address issues critical to generational continuity and success.

We’ve been in your shoes, and we’ve succeeded, both in our own business and in serving clients. Unlike traditional business consultants who can only help with selected aspects of family business, we’re experts in the interrelated nature of both the family relationships and the business challenges. As a result, we see the big picture and you realize solutions.