Succession Planning

“There is no greater honor than to live in the shadow of your son.” – Ross Perot

Every business and ownership group will change, but passing a family business to the next generation is a process fraught with challenges. Family business leaders face the difficult decisions of when, how and to whom to pass on the reins with the least harm to business and family.

Contrary to popular assumption this is not a process that happens naturally or without planning. The succession of family business to the second generation can leave people feeling uneasy, vulnerable and prone to conflict. This is why REGENERATION specializes in ownership, management, and leadership succession to make this process less stressful, more manageable and the outcome successful.

We take the time to ask the hard questions about who is the best suited to lead, how will the transition occur, and what is the best timing.  It is hard for one generation to pass the leadership reins to the next generation. We work to make this process comfortable, and to respect the relationships in place.

Is your family business struggling with succession planning?