Addiction and Substance Abuse in a Family Business

“Addiction is the only disease that pulls a family apart instead of bringing it together.” — James Olan Hutcheson

Addiction contributes to poor communication, lack of trust, and dysfunction in family businesses. Data from a 21-year study led by REGENERATION indicates that over 50% of family firms seeking assistance from a family business consultant have an embedded addiction issue among the ranks of family management.

Addiction is also one of the more secretive matters that can bring down a family enterprise. The intensely private nature of the issue means that alcohol dependence, drug abuse, and other forms of addiction are often swept under the rug. Thus leaving these problems to fester until they damage family relationships, communication, and disrupt business performance.

When the atmosphere in a family business is clouded by denial, when comment on critical issues is stifled, and behavior detrimental to the business is not discussed, the impact is profound. Addiction problems within a family business dramatically magnify the risk of the business failing.

When addiction has already become a problem outside experts can assist with perspective and tested solutions. At REGENERATION we take these problems seriously and feel passionate about healing the damage done to the business, and repairing the broken lines of communication within the family.

Is your family business struggling with addiction?