What is a Family Business Consultant?

Inviting someone from the outside to help you navigate challenges within your business or family, is a difficult choice. You want to make sure you are asking the right person who can bring the right assistance. You want somebody who is utilizing proven techniques that will deliver lasting results versus guessing at solutions and hoping for the best.

A family business consultant helps clients work through a broad range of issues that can limit the success of their family-owned business. Issues can include succession, conflict, improving performance, corporate governance and communication challenges.

There are real differences between a family business and a traditional business consultant.  The biggest reason is that family business consultants have a unique understanding of the delicate complexities of balancing business needs with family relationships.

Working with family businesses is not our job, it is our PASSION. The REGENERATION team is dedicated to assisting clients as they implement positive, lasting change. Above all, we recognize the delicate and intricate work of partnering with our client families.