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A Cognitive Approach to Helping Kids with Tourette’s Syndrome

By August 31, 2015News & Announcements2 min read

Already a licensed attorney in Texas, ReGENERATION Partners’ Catherine Baker recently passed the National Counselor Exam after earning her Masters in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University. As a Licensed Professional Counselor (Intern) and a lawyer, with an additional degree in accounting, Catherine brings a unique blend of knowledge and skills that greatly benefits ReGENERATION Partners and our clients.

Catherine also intends to use her counseling degree to pursue a personal passion – helping kids with Tourette’s Syndrome. At the age of 10, Catherine was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome.

“I can identify with kids who struggle with this disorder. When I was diagnosed over 25 years ago, treatment was very different. In large part, the medical community was still trying to identify how to treat Tourette’s. A great deal of my treatment was experimental medication. Sadly, there was no one-on-one counseling or cognitive therapy available specific to the struggles of Tourette’s.”

While a lot has changed since Catherine was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, she feels more time can be devoted to developing a psychological intervention for treating the disorder. “I want kids with Tourette’s to be encouraged that their diagnosis does not limit the success they can achieve.”

We’re grateful to have Catherine as a part of the ReGENERATION Partners team and are proud of the achievements in her life. We’re excited for her continued successes as a part of our firm and look forward to seeing the wonderful strides she will make in the lives of others.