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Restaurant Chain in Jeopardy Due to Family Conflict

By October 22, 2013July 12th, 2023Conflict Management2 min read

The future of a popular restaurant chain is in doubt and more than 100 workers have lost their jobs as a result of a family feud involving property developer Andrew Krukziener and his ex-brother-in-law, Jeff Moss.

Moss opened the first Original California Burrito Company store in Auckland, NZ in 2011.The business quickly grew into a 12-store chain. Moss, his wife Lisa Krukziener, and brother in law Andrew Krukziener, built the franchise into a successful family business.

Unfortunately, issues within their marriage caused the pair to separate. After their divorce, Lisa and Andrew took out an urgent court injunction against Food Retail Group, the firm that owns the restaurant chain’s intellectual property, outlets and franchise system, Moss said.

All of the stores – with the exception of four- have been shut down and creditors are owed more than $500,000, according to Moss. “Unfortunately, as a result [of the injunction], the banks withdrew support and the business has now collapsed.” said Moss “It’s backfired dreadfully, not just for them (the Krukzieners) but for the 100 people who’ve lost their jobs and the franchisees who are now in disarray.”

Moss was ordered to pay $2.45 million to property finance firm Spinnaker Capital. The payment stemmed from a loan Moss guaranteed to the Peacock Street Trust, which was previously owned by Krukziener.

Moss said the debt to Spinnaker Capital had been resolved, but the situation hardly had a friendly resolution.  The ReGENERATION Partners team knows that divorce can destroy family relationships and affect the harmony that makes working together as a family satisfying. Our team has experts in conflict management and general business counseling – the type of counseling that can prevent the collapse of an entire business when the collapse is predicated on a conflict in the family. In this situation, the ReGENERATION Partners would have sought a solution to keep the business intact despite the divorce; a solution that is possible with the right guidance and advice.

As professionals involved with family enterprises, ReGENERATION Partners has seen the breakdowns that divorce can bring to a family business. You don’t have to sacrifice family or business in order to have success. Contact the ReGENERATION Partners today and we’ll custom tailor a plan to your needs in order to restore harmony to your family and improve success in your business.