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Summer Family Business Meetings: Strengthen Your Legacy

Face-to-face meetings are crucial for successful family businesses. They foster communication, build unity, and establish traditions, ultimately promoting long-term success. Summer, with its relaxed schedules, presents an ideal opportunity for these gatherings. However, thorough preparation ensures a productive and successful meeting.

Benefits of Summer Family Business Meetings

  • Broad Participation: With school breaks, summer allows for a larger family and team presence, maximizing diverse viewpoints.
  • Team Building: Summer’s flexibility facilitates incorporating team-building activities and social events, enhancing communication and trust.

Planning Your Family Business Meeting

1. Guest List:

  • Inclusivity: Ideally, invite everyone who can contribute or should be heard.
  • Sensitive Considerations: Address potential hurt feelings from exclusions and navigate personal issues with an external consultant like REGENERATION.

2. Location:

  • Accessibility: Select a location convenient for most attendees.
  • Engagement: Consider an appealing location to encourage attendance and informal interaction.
  • Team Building: Integrate recreational activities like sightseeing or hiking to build camaraderie.

3. Agenda:

  • Strategic Focus: Pre-determine an agenda addressing major strategic topics such as business direction, leadership changes, or future goals.
  • Open Dialogue: Allow space for discussion and expression of concerns and ideas in a supportive environment.
  • Facilitation: Consider a trained facilitator to maximize the effectiveness of a large gathering. REGENERATION consultants can guide strategic planning and family discussions.

4. Addressing Sensitive Issues:

  • Family Business Advisors: These advisors are experts in facilitating discussions around leadership, influence,philanthropy, and strategy.
  • Crystallizing Vision: A skilled facilitator helps translate good intentions into actionable plans.

A summer family business meeting can be the perfect platform to forge a strong vision for your legacy. REGENERATION can assist you in planning and facilitating a successful retreat for your family business.

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