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The monsters of family business

By October 14, 2015News & Announcements2 min read

Next week, from October 21 to 24, the ReGENERATION Partners team will present the “scary” pains that plague family business during the 2015 Family Firm Institute Global Conference in London, England. True to the spirit of Halloween, James Olan Hutcheson and Elle Hansen’s presentation will parallel the monsters of family business with zombies, vampires and werewolves.

“We knew this would be a fun and memorable way to discuss the serious challenges facing family businesses around the globe,” said Jim. “These scary creatures are universally known for their haunting ability to morph, shapeshift and frighten. Our presentation applies their individual behaviors to the problems that family businesses must face on a routine basis.”

ReGENERATION Partners’ presentation will focus on the three following analogies:

  • Zombies represent the threat to business performance and growth
  • Vampires characterize the client issues that slow adaptation and potentially kill the family and business
  • Werewolves symbolize the consultants who influence the family and business

“The harsh reality is pain is a part of family business,” added Elle.  “It’s inevitable, identifiable, and interestingly enough, it’s important. In order to improve and grow, there must be growing pains. We help our clients work through the pain and help address the cause. When the cause of pain in a family business is accurately identified, the diagnosis and treatment is sustainable.”

If you are interested in learning more about the presentation, or feel your family business is plagued with these haunting family business monsters, then contact us. We can help you identify what is causing your pain and help you treat it effectively.