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Managing Yourself During a Pandemic

By May 26, 2020Podcast2 min read

Join us every Thursday as our founder, James Hutcheson, leads a conversation with family business owners and industry experts on the challenges we are facing as we manage our business through a pandemic.

This week our owner and founder, James Hutcheson, led a conversation about managing your stress and anxiety during a time of uncertainty. We are all worried about the survival of our family business, our legacy, our life’s work, but we must first take care of ourselves before we can take care of the business. Here are some tips to get you started. Want to hear more? Click here to listen to the whole conversation.

Monitor your Mood and your Mind

Where are you spending your mental time and mental energy? Is it helping or hurting you? How much news, social media, or Covid dialogue are you engaging in? Are you binging on anything, food, Netflix, alcohol, video games?

Notice and Name

What is the mental loop or ruminating thought that you are stuck on? Notice and name the feelings that accompany those thoughts. Capture and replace with truth, grace, love, positivity.

Daily Check In

How are you caring for these essential immune builders? Sleep is Power. Food is Fuel. Movement is Medicine.

Our mental health is in jeopardy when we are ISOLATED and BORED (ummm…. Thanks, Coronavirus)

  • Distraction is Okay!
  • Read – our brain is fully engaged when we have a good book!
  • Music – soul food
  • Exercise – in ways that fully engage you
  • TV – not news, something fun or distracting, limit the time or episodes.
  • Get creative Cooking (or in my case, Bake enough to feed everyone I’ve ever met)
  • Zoom with family and friends
  • Games, Puzzles, Drawing, Dance Party

Find the Positive: 

  • What’s one thing you’ve done today/this week that helped you?
  • Express gratitude
  • Laugh! 

Give grace not only to yourself, but to others.