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The politics of family business

By February 5, 2016July 12th, 2023Conflict Management2 min read

The race for the next U.S. president is on! And even if you’re not politically minded, you’ve noticed that one candidate is particularly good at getting press coverage. Yes, family businessman turned politician, Trump is a true PR machine. He loves the spotlight. He loves the attention. And he doesn’t like to lose.

Noticeably absent from the overwhelming press coverage, however, is his current wife Melania. A successful business woman of her own (Melania TimePieces & Jewelry), Mrs. Trump is a bit more shy than her real estate mogul husband.

Juxtapose that with opposing candidate, Hillary Clinton (also a formidable politician).  Her husband and former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, is back to getting prime time in front of reporters. But this time it’s on behalf of his wife’s presidential campaign.

No one family is the same. That’s a given. But, in order to run a successful business (or political campaign) it’s critical to understand the strengths of each family member.

As a family business leader, it’s your responsibility to do a SWOT analysis on each family member who works for you.  Then find the role inside your company that best aligns with your analysis and helps them grow your business. Yes, training and education can help someone find new skills. But let’s be honest, placing your daughter, who has a penitent for accounting into an advertising position is just not good family politics.

If you need help identifying how and where your family business members can make the greatest impact in your family business, call us. We can help with your SWOT analysis and provide the kind of expertise you need to make your business run like a finely tuned presidential campaign.  Because nobody gets a kick out of telling their family member, “you’re fired!”  Well. On second thought…