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Bursting myths about corporate governance

By October 20, 2015July 12th, 2023Management and Leadership2 min read

From Oct. 21-24, the ReGENERATION Partners team will bust some myths about the alignment of family business corporate governance at the 2015 Family Firm Institute Global Conference in London, England. James Olan Hutcheson and Ricardo Mejia will explore this complex subject and provide a four step process to help family owners, senior management and board not only reduce the friction, but also sync in such a way that the organization actually thrives.

“Some people think that aligning governing bodies is impossible because family owners, senior management and board each have their own agenda, culture and mission,” said Jim. “But the bottom line is it can, and should, be done. We’ll outline the correct approach and ‘separation of powers’ that can be applied to any family business.”

ReGENERATION Partners’ presentation will focus on the following concepts:

.     Understanding the value and purpose of a board

.     Creating clear roles for management, the board and family

.     Instilling a culture of diversity

.     Leveling the playing field for all three governing bodies

“At some point, almost every family business will mature to the point where they need a board,” added Richardo. “This can create tremendous friction when three distinct groups become involved in the family business.

Development of a cohesive plan that aligns every ‘constituent’ of a business is paramount. Working together within a framework creates a process for success that will allow the family business to thrive and grow for generations.”

If you are interested in learning more about the presentation or want to learn how to align your family governance bodies, then contact us. We can help you create a plan that will put your organization on the path to success.