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Family Employment Policies – Part IV

By June 4, 2013July 12th, 2023Career, Management and Leadership1 min read

Development and Promotion

Few sizable family businesses can be adequately run without reliance on non-family professionals. Outsiders bring fresh ideas and specialized expertise, so make it plain to family employees that non-family senior managers will be employed, and that these jobs will not be the special perquisites of family members.

Wrap up your family employment policy with two more things. First, include an inspiring and upbeat reminder that the purposes of this policy is to help the family business succeed and to support, develop and motivate family members to lead successful and productive lives, in or out of the family business. Second, ask the family business owners to sign the policy, indicating that they have read it and agree to it.

Once a solid family employment policy is drafted and key owners have signed off on it, the family and the business have made a first of many steps on the path away from being one of those unfortunate family businesses encumbered with family deadwood.