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Family Owned Companies and the Affordable Care Act

By November 20, 2013July 12th, 2023Uncategorized2 min read

There remains a high level of uncertainly about how the Affordable Care Act will ultimately affect family-owned companies across the country.  In particular, small family business owners are waiting to see where the “chips will fall” once the dust settles from the recently failed implementation.

While the uncertainty looms, it’s not keeping some small family business owners, like Francis A. Gilardi, Jr. and Philip M. Gilardi, from being proactive.  The Gilardi brothers own and control two companies, Freshway Foods, which process, package and transport fresh produce.  Their company operates in 23 states and has 340 full-time employees.

According to a recent article in the Illinois Review, “a powerful federal appeals court” ruled on Nov. 1., that the Catholic family-run business does not have to comply with the Obamacare abortion mandate requiring it to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions.  The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that requiring companies to cover their employees’ contraception is unduly burdensome for business owners who oppose birth control and abortion on religious grounds.

While the ruling doesn’t pre-empt Freshway Foods from complying with other aspects of the ACA, it does send a message that small family businesses can have a big impact on the country – even legislation.  The ReGENERATION Partners team has been coaching and consulting owners of family businesses of all sizes for nearly 30 years through doubtful economic times.  If you’re interested in learning how RP can help you company navigate today’s uncertainty, call or email to learn how.