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James Olan Hutcheson asked to appear at conferences, training programs and events

By September 26, 2013February 7th, 2024News & Announcements1 min read

James Olan Hutcheson, founder and CEO of ReGENERATION Partners, will speak at the Southeastern Family Office Forum on Sept. 26 in Atlanta. He will then be honored on Sept. 27 in Dallas at the Caron Cares event as an advocate for the treatment and rehabilitation of those struggling with addiction. Hutcheson will teach one of the Family Firm Institute’s educational classes from Oct. 16-20 in San Diego. Additionally, Hutcheson will participate in the CEO Netweavers’ Dallas chapter meeting, where he will be contributing to discussions designed to assist the Dallas business community in networking efforts.

“These events and the underlying desire to hear from qualified experts show that now, more than ever, the issues that face family businesses are extremely prevalent,” said Hutcheson. “I value any opportunity to leverage my expertise in family business consulting to explore and discuss these topics in a way that will help family businesses increase shareholder wealth and improve family harmony.”