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Keep your eye on the competition

By July 20, 2015July 12th, 2023Management and Leadership1 min read

In a mano a mano affront to Netflix – and a highly decisive move – Comcast expanded its business to include an online video service called Stream. According to CNBC, Comcast did not initiate the monthly service to necessarily expand their market, they simply wanted to stay lock-step in a market where Netflix was thriving.

What is the lesson we learn from Comcast’s stale mate move?  Keep an eye on your competition. With Netflix stock at an all-time high (as of this posting), Comcast realized the time to set off in a new frontier was now. Building your family business is only the beginning. Regular, steady growth depends on strategic moves that outwit, outlast and outplay your competition. Like Comcast, you can take advantage of new business opportunities and markets.

ReGENERATION Partners can host a strategic ideation session with your corporate team to help identify what you’re doing right, and how you can improve. We can even identify new markets and possible revenue streams that may have eluded you. With our help, your business will stay relevant in your market and seize new opportunities to stay one step ahead of the competition.