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Survival of the Fittest Family Business

By June 30, 2015July 12th, 2023Management and Leadership2 min read

For family business owners, success means survival of the fittest. To keep up, you have to outrun, outdo and outperform your competitors.  Since only 3% of family businesses make it past the fourth generation, embracing evolution could mean the difference between life and death.

Famous and family-owned Walmart is part of the three percent of successful family businesses. Boasting over 5,000 stores and the spot as the world’s number one retailer, the company has come a long way since Sam Walton’s first store in 1962. Walmart now sits at the top of the family business food chain. With over 74,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel and 675,000 followers on Twitter, Walmart refuses to get left behind in the dust.

But despite its top spot, Walmart remains vigilant in its fight for consumer loyalty. Companies like Target and Costco are battling to be the new king of retail, but Walmart’s persistence to offer better things to their clients in sleek and attractive new ways, like the Savings Catcher App, puts them ahead of the rest and on the road to victory.

ReGENERATION Partners can help your family business outdo your competitors by expansion through new mediums and adapting to find creative solutions for problems plaguing your business. Whether it’s a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, or an app, offering new and improved mediums will attract wanted attention. With the eye of the tiger, we can help you out-survive your competition and become the fittest in family business.