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The REEL Group: Leadership Education

By October 16, 2018July 21st, 2023REEL Group2 min read

Leadership skills aren’t always something a person is born with but instead is taught, groomed, mentored, and encouraged. A leader of a family business will know how to create a vision for the company that combines the values of the family with the performance of the business.

For more than 23 years, REGENERATION has been helping develop leaders for the future. The REGENERATION Essentials of Executive Leadership (REEL) program is a 15-month course designed for emerging and current leaders of a family business. The course is built to help participants discover deep insight into the effectiveness of their personal leadership behavior and the impact of their communication styles.

This knowledge and training will help you realize your potential. You will return to your organization prepared to make change. The REEL program aims to create a personalized approach to leadership training. Even before you arrive our teachers and mentors will be gathering information about you, your organization and the particular challenges you face. You will be placed within a group of 8 hand-picked leaders who face similar challenges. The curriculum, guest speakers, in-class training, independent study, and experiential learning is based on the individual needs of the 8 people in the program with you. This is a one-of-kind leadership training that is built and focused on YOU.

If you would like to be considered for our next REEL group please contact us